A true passion for gemstones,


It all started in Australia where Denise Copp learnt the art of faceting precious gemstones and lapidary. She devoted hours to mastering this skill which quickly became an artistic expression, each stone is unique in it's characteristics and beauty. 


She then learnt the ancient art of Goldsmithing first in Australia and then in the world capital of jewellery, Florence Italy. 


" I have always been fascinated with beauty and the process of transforming something rough and pure into it's true magnificence"


Her love for art started at a young age, originally with print then with her photography degree and many awards. After a casual introduction to gemstones in Australia, the art of imagining first and then creating singular pieces of breathtaking beauty became her soul obsession.

Unlike many other jewellers, Denise is both a gem cutter and jeweller, this is an unusual combination. Each piece that Denise creates is the metamorphosis of a raw gemstone that she personally facets to show their true beauty and she then sets in one of a kind pieces. What emerges are individual, artisan jewellery pieces that you will not find anywhere else. 

You can secretly hear her talking to the gems as she polishes them, telling them how beautiful and loved they are going to be.



In the Florentine magazine..

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